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Scott Gailor


I have been with ST since right before they became part of Floyd Rose. There has been a ton of BS surrounding this product. For me it did two very important things. It added an overall balance to the tone of my guitars. Kinda let a BBE. It's a soft mid scoop with very tight lows and a nice high end presence. Plus they are light. I messed my shoulder up pretty bad a while back so I don't like to add a ton of weight to my guitars. Last but not least it added allot of acoustic volume and ring to the guitar. 

Then I did the install on my Parts Mutt Charvel.... All I can say is “WOW” we all sat around after and could not believe the change in punch, clarity and tone. All the bell like chime that I chase in my guitars was right there! It was louder (in a good way) and so much more alive. That guitar is always in Eb tuning with drop C# on the low E. The low was tight and articulate, the harmonics screamed! Palm mutes, tapping, sweeps, you name it, all sounded so much better. It was like a whole new guitar. This will now be something I will have to do to all my guitars! I will have to get you to build me a Tele body now, THIS IS THE FUTURE OF TONE!!!!!!  - Scott Gailor