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Ronny North


With my vintage 1985 Kramer Barretta on stage at the Summer Games. It was the first time I've used it on stage since the re-finishing. It worked great sporting a Stone Tone sustain block on it's original Floyd tremolo.. Funny thing is that this guitar made it through the gig flawlessly and two of my newer guitars didn't survive it...




When Rob originally told me about these custom made Stonetone Rock Blocks I told him I had to try one immediately.. Well, I have tried his Stone Tone guitars in the past and they were pretty cool. Since then I had him send me a Stone Tone Rock Block to put in my Ed Roman RN guitar and it made a great sounding guitar even better... It just adds more of everything and gave the guitar a great resonance....I don't know what they do with these custom made Stone Tone rock blocks.. but you definitely owe it to yourself to try one ...There's a lot of great tremolo block options out there these days and the Stone Tone Rock Blocks [Made in the U.S.A.] is definitely worth looking into if you're serious about your tone... — Ronny North