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Michael J Felder



"Get Stoned with Tone"

If you're a tone junkie like me then you need to equip your guitar with Stone Tone, TONE BLOCKS! 

My guitar has a broader full sounding tone that sounds super tight and punchy besides loud acoustically….

Yea... its HUGE sounding....thats the gods honest truth…..I was all smiles last night after the install..

  -Michael J Felder



ASH THE SKY is a brooding cauldron of toxic nuclear energy.

Deadly in its origin the pain brought to so many,as the desolate winds of time push forward. The population is witness to the four horseman of the apocalypse. WAR being the forefront ..with powerful harmonic vibrations that rip the entire earth to its core, cracking the foundation of a twisted world. Never ending response to ignorance. PESTILENCE, the plague that engulfs humanity with the stench of vomit, feces and other excrement. You get a sense of distortion about the populace. FAMINE tearing the very fabric of this world to shards of emptiness, the black horse that digs the graves of many trample life to extinction. DEATH the pale horse cometh, nothing can stop the inevitable life as we know it will be decimated by blowing the earth into oblivion. ASH will fill THE SKY..and all ye shall perish as the world burns there will be no one left to see.