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Marty Rice

Marty Rice lives in Adelaide, South Australia. He began playing the guitar at age 13 and practiced obsessively ever since. He is known for practicing up to 10 or more hours in a day. He obtained qualifications while teaching privately at age 17. he is currently teaching at local music stores, and teaches from home. In his late teens, Marty was performing and recording with local bands, playing original material and covers.
His instrumental work actually began a few years earlier. At that point he had already developed mind blowing technique, and a lot of the ideas for the "Transcending Limitations" album. However, his composition skills needed a few years to mature. The majority of the material was composed 3 years later. Marty's music is quite unique to the shred guitar genre and contains a lot of variety. He has obviously strived to stand apart from other artists. However, influences are always part of a musicians development, and Marty's favorite players include Vinnie Moore, Tony Macalpine, Joey Tafolla, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Jason Becker, Yngwie J Malmsteen, and George Bellas. His technical mastery and composition skills demonstrate the same high standard that all of these players set for themselves.
"Transcending Limitations" was Marty's first solo release in 2013, and he has plans to release more. It is an all instrumental album featuring 12 outstanding tracks. Marty's playing is lightning fast in places, but a lot of the focus is on composition and melody, simultaneously having a good feel on the instrument and playing with soul. Current works include the metal band Soul Screamer, formed late 2015.
With both lead and rhythm playing there is an overall improvement in tone. Compared to the nickel plated steel block I had in my Grover Jackson before, the Stone Tone block has a much tighter sounding bottom end when I’m riffing on the lower strings, with the shredding I do and all of my leads there is a more natural sound to the guitar now which is evident in the before and after video that I made. My band members noticed the difference too, will be using for my next album. 

Marty Rice, Solo Artist/Soul Screamer, guitar teacher, career musician.

 - Marty Rice