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Joey Torres







I've had Floyds on various guitars over the years. I've heard different upgrades of metal or brass blocks etc etc..I dont think I've ever heard a bigger sonic difference until a good friend Shannon Thomas advised I should try a stone block upgrade. Now, keep in mind I've had my Charvel San Dimas for quite sometime, I've played my share of gigs and recording sessions with it, and so other than some pickup changes, it was mostly stock. My ear knows exactly what this guitar does. After installing the Stone Tone block I was blown away at the difference. Without going into too much technical mumbo jumbo, the guitar has more output, I have more punch and definition especially for leads and my clean sound just improved 100%..!! My tone got a bit brighter, which I had to adjust my treble settings a bit for what i'm looking for, but it was a huge difference. I highly recommend this to anyone. Guarantee you will not be disappointed !!

-Joey Torres