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Joe Steinhart

Joe Steinhart has been playing guitar for 35 years, and is a veteran of the South Florida and New York music scenes, playing and recording with over the years Charley In The Box, Urban Glacier, and Little Sister among others. Influenced by many players from Gary Moore, Joe Perry, John Sykes, Viv Campbell, Micheal Schenker among others, his playing is from the gut, but with a strong sense of melody. Joe also worked in M.I. For over 15 years, starting at Music Arts Enterprises in Ft. Lauderdale, Brian's Guitars in New Haven, Sam Ash in New York, and then Guitar Center, with whom he managed several stores all over the southeast. Currently residing in Jacksonville, FL with his wife Ann and daughter Sydney, Joe is working with the Firm5, a high energy cover band and looking for other projects as well.



"I had a project that had been in the works for a few years, a 89 HM Strat. It was worse for wear when I got it. When I was finally able to get everything to put it together, I went to a Floyd Rose Special to save money, but when I saw the block that came with it, I knew it had to go.

My good friend Scott Gailor has sworn by the Stone Tone Rock Blocks for a while now, but I've always been a brass block dude. He talked me into trying it, and I am completely freaking amazed on how good this guitar sounds, both electrically and acoustically. Clearly louder than all my other electrics when unplugged, and when plugged, it just sings. Can you hear the sustain? Well you could if you were here! Kudos to Robert DiSanto and Stone Tone for building a better mouse trap. My 3 other guitars might be jealous for a bit until they all get the Stone Tone Treatment!" - Joe Steinhart