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Jerry Outlaw


Jerry Outlaw (Prentice Gerald Outlaw Jr.) started playing guitar in 1980.  In 1983 he got a Kramer Pacer with a Floyd Rose and he never looked back.   In 1984 he moved from NC to FL to pursue a career in music. Since then he has been a major part of the first wave of Florida metal.  He played in noteworthy bands in the 80s like Messiaxx and Blackkout before joining the Genitorturers in 1991 and touring North America many times in the early 90s.   In 1994 Jerry started Bogus Pomp, a band dedicated to the music of Frank Zappa.  This band has grown into an institution of musical excellence and is still growing today.  Bogus Pomp has done sold out performances with the Florida Orchestra, The Boston Philharmonic and our very own Bogus Pomp Orchestra as well as touring throughout America and Europe performing the intense and challenging music of Frank Zappa.  In 2004 Jerry joined Jon Oliva's Pain and has since toured the world many times.  Jerry's main guitars are Kramer Pacers from 1982-83.  These guitars are all equipped with Original Floyd Rose vibrato systems and EMG pickups.  StoneTone accessories for Floyd Rose is Jerry's newest endorsement and he is proud and happy to be part of the roster on such a great team of innovators as StoneTone. 

Jerry Outlaw is currently endorsed by these fine companies;

 StoneTone, EMG pickups, Dunlop/MXR, Morley, Granville Guitars and Levy leathers.

Jerry Outlaw says,...    StoneTone is the heaviest!! I have the 42mm rock block on a 1983 Kramer Pacer Imperial and I love it!! Now my original Floyd Rose sings like a bird and it never fluttered so beautifully as it does now. I've got my rock, now it's time to roll.

- Jerry Outlaw