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Ira Black



"The Stone Tone Rock Block completes the circle of cosmic vibration"

When it comes to music, especially Rock-N-Roll and Heavy Metal, it comes from a very primal place. Try to imagine the the beginning of how humans made sound and you'll realize that we haven't come so far away from wood and stone! As metal is man-made, it still comes from earth elements as well, but don't pass up on the idea of utilizing stone. The Stone Tone Rock Block was made under pressure over millions of years from the elements of the cosmos. You want to get primal and even cosmic, go there for real with The Stone Tone Block tremolo modification and hear the true vibrations created by the universe! 

Sustain, harmonics, beautiful, clear, full sounding chords, soaring solos! The right place at the right time, millions of years in the making:
"Stone Tone Rock Block"

-Ira Black