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Q: What's the weight difference of a 37mm brass big block to a Stone Tone 37mm rock block same size?

A: The 37mm brass big block weighs 8 oz. compared to the rock block thats 2.4oz


Q: Do you ship worldwide?

A: Yes, our shipping calculator will figure this cost for you on final checkout.


Q: How do I know what size block to order for my guitar?

A: Using a caliper to determine what size you have by measuring top to bottom,  28mm = 1.100,  32mm = 1.260,  37mm = 1.460,  42mm = 1.650 or measure in any format and email us or call so we can help you determine what size you need.


Q: How do I ground the rock block in my guitar?

A: For those of you who have single-grounded electronics in your guitars, we include a .020 copper grounding strip that's recommended to be installed between the StoneTone Rock Block and your baseplate to counteract any possible grounding issues. A few users have experienced buzz in single-grounded guitars after installing a Stone Tone block, especially if the only ground point on the guitar was at the tremolo claw, but were able to easily nullify it by adding this grounding strip. While this isn’t a particularly frequent problem, it is recommended that you install the strip on single and rarely double-grounded guitars with your block merely as a precaution, so that if you experience buzz or hum after installing your StoneTone block, you or your trusted tech can easily run an extra ground from the tremolo claw ground wire and solder it to the strip, after which your guitar is guaranteed to be quiet. If your guitar is triple-grounded, you can disregard this precaution. All 3 ground locations are the spring claw, tone pot and stud barrel/insert.

 Grounding Strip Installation Details:

1. We recommend one side of the copper ground strip is in contact with the rock block.

2. We recommend that you ground this strip to the spring claw, tone pot or stud post for best results.

3. You can never have enough ground..


 Q: Is the install easy or do I have to get a tech to do the install?

A: Setting up the intonation on a Floyd can be very frustrating for those not familiar on how to do this. If your intonation in set perfect and you have a micrometer you can measure from the front of the base plate to the front of each saddle and record each measurement so when you're finished installing the block you can install the saddles back to their exact position and then you'll be all set. If not then we recommend you take the guitar to your trusted tech to have this done.

Installing the block

1. DO NOT use any type of drill to secure the mounting hardware of the rock block to the baseplate.

2. Make sure the Stone Tone® logo on the block faces the “spring claw” ( front ) when mounting to the baseplate.

3. Optional*  You can dab a little Loctite in each mounting hole or on the threads of the mounting hardware for heavy bar players.

4. Start with the center screw to a light snug following same for the left and right hardware before final tightening.

5. Once all 3 screws are snug in the baseplate, start tightening to “hand tight” repeat evenly always starting from the center.

6.  You’re all set !


Q: Will I need to Route / Dremel my trem cavity to fit this block so I have the same travel like the stock block being the rock block is thicker?

A: Typically No. Rarely have we had artists say that they needed to have their block back beveled so they can avoid any necessary routing to retain full travel of their trem yet some gibson flying V's have had this issue which we solved by back beveling the block upon request free of charge. If you are unsure, you can always send us a email with pictures of the back cavity @ stonetoneguitars@gmail.com