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 31mm Stone Tone Rock Block upgrade for the Ibanez Edge Pro and Lo Pro RG 550  570  470 series and 7 string.

Now designed to accommodate these bridges is the Stone Tone Rock Block. Made from Volcano Black Absolute Granite, the Stone Tone sustain block is one of the top tier upgrades for the Ibanez Tremolo System, with a compression strength of 19,000 psi, a tension strength of 700 psi—the material these blocks are made of is the fourth densest on earth next to Diamond, Carbon and Quartz. The untampered material used to form these blocks has an inherent crystalline atomic structure which has ideal resonant qualities, and naturally increases sustain and amplitude on any Edge and Edge Lo-Pro tremolos across all frequency ranges. These blocks are now available.

  • 31mm Ibanez Lo Edge Pro– This block is designed to fit the most popular Ibanez double locking tremolo system, the Edge and Edge Lo-Pro, which is found on all 6 STRING Ibanez RG 550’s, as well as many other models INCLUDING 7 STRING. The block is contoured on the front side for maximum pull travel; the backside is  straight down and beveled so that the added mass to your block won't sacrifice any range of pulling up or diving.